Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★½

Not even offensively bad by any means and I’ll admit through about the first 40 or so minutes I was actually into this, sure all the usual shit is still there (i sure wish they’d for once just let the action breath and speak for itself rather than forever feeling the need to pause for some stupid ironic *wink wink* at the camera) but I was totally down with just watching some solid hand to hand combat with some pretty decent physical gags. But then as soon as it enters it’s latter half and becomes yet another tedious end of the world quest I slowly felt that initial cautious optimism slowly fade. I should know by now that whenever these films claim to be another genre I’m just getting a watered down version of said cool-as-shit genre but why should I care when I can just watch the almost 100 years worth of actual Wuxia films instead? Anyway, should’ve ended on a fistfight instead of another bad light show (which was made even worse by seeing this at the drive ins in the rain lol) and the endless breadcrumbing of these feels even more weightless now without the big overarching end goal they had pre Endgame, but it’s whatever, sure, I want Tony Leung to choke me, why not.

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