Old ★★★★

Hahaha yes that’s the good shit right there. Incredibly weird wavelength to get on but once you are it’s like nothing else out there. Went in expecting something that doubles down on the more grotesque aspects to in general conceit but walked away moved by Shyamalan’s typical emphasis on emotional turmoil rather than the physical. All of Shyamlan’s work deals with isolation wether that be some kind of physical isolation or something purely spiritual/emotional and these finds a pretty happy wavelength between the two. Certainly lots to mull over and I’m still not entirely sure not to make of it all so soon after watching but I’m so glad we still have someone in popular cinema making things this strange, singular & idiosyncratic, and having spent the last week binging his filmography I was able to ease right into its strange musings with glee, the movies are back!

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