Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 ★★★★

Laughter through pain, empathy through tragedy, profundity in absurdity, can’t believe I’m here loving a new Marvel in 2023 but I feel so relieved that this is the last one I’ll ever see in theatres. Maybe the weakest of this little sub-trilogy, and never fully reaches the emotional complexity of Vol. 2 but it doesn’t matter when Gunn is still somehow able to filter all his love and fixations of broken weirdos and outcasts and miraculously break through the hellscape that is this franchise is now. Even with all the typical crash-bang of it all Gunn never stops feeling every emotion for these freaks and their pain. For every strange turn Gunn is still able to make all the messiness feel soulful in a way that never feels insincere. For as much as I moan about this overall franchise these films have always been special to me, seeing Vol. 2 with my dad and gaining a new level of understanding for him was huge for me, so this being as good as it is leaves me with pure elation. Idk man, nobody wants to admit less that a new MCU is legit great more than me but leaving this even with its faults and up-front imperfections felt like nothing short of magic.

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