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  • Somewhere in Time
  • The Omega Man
  • Silent Running
  • Murder by Death

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  • Lonely Are the Brave

    Lonely Are the Brave


    Powerful film. Part character drama, part edge-of-seat thriller.

    Kirk Douglas is a man out of touch with the modern world. Basically, he's a cowboy born a century too late.

    One of my mother's favourite films. Consequently, one of my favourite films. This is - I think - my third viewing. And certainly my first in over 35 years. I'm devastated.

    It's not an entirely bleak film. There's humour laced throughout, often with the Walter Matthau character. And in parallel with…

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  • Snowbeast



    A Jaws ripoff with a bigfoot instead of a shark. Good, for what it is.

    Something is killing vacationers at a ski resort in the Colorado Rockies.

    The location filming is the big attraction here. Most of the movie takes place outdoors, as various character sky/walk around. And the visuals are beautiful. It's one of those monster movies where we barely see the creature but are mostly shown events from its point-of-view. So... lots and lots of shots of trees…

  • Death Takes a Holiday

    Death Takes a Holiday


    Engrossing. Rewarding.

    After nearly drowning, Peggy meets a mysterious man on the beach of her family's island. They are taking a weekend away from the world to celebrate her elderly father's birthday. The stranger is invited to join them.

    Thoughtful script. It deals with big themes in a clever and unpretentious manner. It feels honest.

    Terrific cast. The five leads get some wonderful material and they excel.

    The story doesn't lay its cards on the table for quite a while…

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  • Fletch



    Mystery-driven and very funny. In terms of accomplishing what it sets out to do, this movie is perfectly realised.

    A man asks Fletch to murder him, and Fletch spends the movie figuring out why.

    Chase is hilarious. Funnier than usual because this is actually a serious film. The script establishes the b-story right away and, before we've fully digested that, it moves right into the a-story. And, with it, the big hook: why does Mr. Stanwyk want to be murdered?…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    A great film.

    Researchers in the Antarctic turn on one another when they discover an alien killer in their midst.

    The helicopter vs. dog opening sequence is an ingenious hook. You watch that, you really want to know what's going on. And the dog, in the scenes that follow, is genuinely sinister.

    The characters say very little in the first half. Mostly, they just stare in shock at the crazy shit happening around them. There is something very masculine about…