Roma ★★★★★

Telluride Film Festival - Film #1

Well, the last 5 years was worth the wait as Alfonso Cuaron has delivered a near perfect film; a masterpiece. Near. 

Not often, do you see a ‘magnifying glass on a life/culture/ race’ as so genuine and heartbreakingly true. Not only does it shine the light on this family in Mexico without hitting you over the head, but it feels like an incredibly true and personal story that Cuaron calls autobiographical.

To start off, not any surprise from one of his films but the cinematography is astoundingly beautiful. The use of reflection and lighting is perfect and his choice to be the DP made such logical sense. As was the choice to make it black and white. 

The acting is immaculate. The lead performance from newcoming, Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio has skyrocketed to me for the Frontrunner for Best Lead Actress at this year’s Academy Awards. The nuance and subtly of the emotions and pain she gives is so heartbreaking and heart wrenching. 

My one small issue with the film is the pacing for the first act really drags a bit but on the other hand, it sets up this setting, location, characters and the conflicts to come that play out perfectly. I think that may have had more to do with me and in retrospect, it didn’t detract anything from the film when you reflect on the film as a whole. 

I can’t express the importance and genuine love and adoration for this film and hope everyone sees it when it comes to limited theatres this Christmas and watches it again when it hits Netflix right away. Cuaron delivers once again and it needs to be seen at least once on the big screen.

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