Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★½

There was a kid one seat away from me who would NOT FUCKING STAY STILL. I swear this motherfucker had ADHD or something. At one point he started slamming his armrests while violently shaking in his seat. I don't think he was sitting with his parents because he got up like 3 times and went to another row to talk to someone. Near the end of the movie, he grabbed his empty soda cup and RIPPED IT APART, spilling ice everywhere. I wish I was making this up. It completely ruined the whole fucking experience.

The movie itself...well I enjoyed it for the most part. I found the first act to be kind of slow but as it goes along it does start to pick up. By the time we reach the Ten Plagues it actually gets quite good. The biggest weak spot for me was the cast. Bale was great as always, and Edgerton was also good, but everyone else was serviceable at best. I just cannot see John Turturro as a Pharaoh, Ben Kingsley could have been good if he had more screen-time, and what the fuck was up with Sigourney Weaver? I'm pretty sure she had like 4 minutes of screen-time and 1 line. 1 FUCKING LINE. If there is in fact a Director's Cut, I hope it restores whatever Ridley cut out of her performance.

The set design is fantastic, and it's nice to see actual extras and physical props being used instead of just endless CGI, even though it gets plenty digital-y in the end. I do plan to revisit the film, hopefully with less distractions (seriously, FUCK that kid).

Also, I kinda wish Creeping Death had played over the end credits.

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