Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★½

I love this movie but it is so bad.

1st with the bad and quite often funny.
1 - Dialogue is horrible. I hope it is because of the dubbing but I doubt it.
2 - Pay attention to the engineers performing a check on the rusty pipes at the beginning of the movie. Their masks are smashing their noses against the plastic.
3 - Not sure what causes the outbreak in the initial scene. The green gas is priceless.
4 - Everything is generic. Jeeps, clothes, tech, guns.
5 - A bunch of stock footage, of animals, dead people and natives.
6 - The UN meeting with 4 people in attendance sitting right next to each other in a huge auditorium.
7 - The zombie makeup is inconsistent.
8 - The actual landscape seems about as far away from New Guinea as possible.
9 - Margit Evelyn Newton native face paint is so bad, let alone having her go native. :-)

The good:
1 - Margit Evelyn Newton going native. :-)
2 - The zombie damage and gore EFX are practical and so much fun to watch.
3 - Random bat shit crazy moments from the soldiers.
4 - Great music.
5 - Creepy industrial plant.