Sick ★★★★

"Where is your mask?"

And this movie is what i was missing in the Scream franchise.

Sick uses the metalanguage in his favor for explore more of the Slash genre with one of the most biggest impacts that the world could pass nowadays: the COVID.

With the topic already showed in the first seconds, it's great how the script knows how to make situations that are very possible and even uncomfortable because of the feeling wich being isolated and alone can pass. It's not perfect because sometimes the movie stops a little in rythm and the characters is not interesting enough to make you cheer for them.

Perhaps, the direction of John Hyams mixed with Kevin Williamson's skills to write about how the chase scenes will work, it's undeniable that this one hits really well in make intense scenes where gets the movie into an unstoppable run into the Thriller and every second it gets better with the characters knowing how to fight and even how to defend theirselves against the killer.

Could explore more of all the characters that were involved in this situation, but after all? It's better a simple movie that knows what it's doing than a movie wich tries to be more than it is and in the end, screwed everything in a screaming way.

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