Bringing Up Baby ★★★★

“I just went Gay”!
What a picture, another film alongside Citizen Kane that proves that Box Office success is nothing. A major flop in it’s time, 'Bringing Up Baby‘ must be one of the best comedy film in history. I’ve only seen one Screw ball comedy which is 'Some like it hot‘. I can see why Tony Curtis was talking with that weird accent, it’s so similar to Cary Grant’s voice in this film. Katharine Hepburn is just absolutely delightful in this film. The Stellar cast never fails to deliver every line in the most hysterical way possible. The Leopard must be a form of nuance Mcguffin, it serves so much in the storyline despite it’s short presence after the first act. Brilliant film, Howard Hawks proves that he is one of the greatest golden age of Hollywood directors

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