Sullivan's Travels ★★★½

The first forty-five minutes of this are a rollercoaster I never wanted to get off. Whether it's the hilarious and lightning quick dialogue or the nearly perfect romantic setup between McCrea and Lake, this is screwball perfection. Veronica Lake is not only beautiful, but a great actress in this. She's funny, sympathetic, and the banter with McCrea is always on point. It's truly a wonder she didn't become a much bigger star than she turned out to be. Rumor has it, she was a terror on set and eventually nobody wanted to work with her. As many reviews have stated, this does faulter somewhere towards the hour mark. The laughs stop, Lake is removed from the picture and the drift into hard sentiment mostly falls flat. Luckily, it picks up substantially in a truly wonderful scene in a Baptist church where Sullivan recognizes the value of his contribution to the world. It's probably Sturges' best overall film, and is brilliant in stretches.