No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★½

Im sure most Bond and especially Daniel Craig fans will enjoy this quite a lot. But to me someone who rarely watches action flicks and has very little investment in this franchise it just felt slightly too boring and forgettable.

The start of the film actually got me really excited and for a good 30 minutes I was totally emerged into this world. However as the story progresses I feel like it keep falling flat and I kept losing interest.

When Rami Malek's character finally enters the film I got excited again, his looks and behaviour are very intriguing at first, but he gets very little screen time so I quickly lost interest. His character also doesn't really go anywhere hes just sort of there to be evil and that's it.

Overall pretty mediocre film which is sad because it's supposed to be Daniel's final hoorah.. Kind of makes me feel like I just don't really enjoy Daniel Craig as James Bond. So I will go watch some of the earlier classic Bond films and see what those are like, something tells me those will be on a whole other level than these few films have been.

The female 007 was pretty epic. Also the lady that briefly helped Bond in Cuba kicked some serious ass. So it wasn't all bad.

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