In the Heights

In the Heights ★★★½

I've been wanting to watch this film for a long time, I mean since the trailer at the end of 2019 but it kept getting pushed back (as we all know) but it's taken a while for me to actually get a chance to see it but here we are now.

After the success of Hamilton, I expected more people to be excited about this film than they actually were but unfortunately they didn't and this has been flopping at the box office. I, for one, had my anticipation raised by the release of Hamilton, which I really enjoy each time I watch it. This is a different story entirely and of course; it isn't a play. But it still had that Lin-Manuel Miranda charm.

One thing that was slightly disappointing (especially when compared to Hamilton) was the lack of memorable and catchy, hit songs. Which is one reason that people are blaming the lack of financial success on. I can think of a few from the top of my head but I'm not that bothered about checking out the soundtrack which isn't great for a musical. The songs are good though, I do like pretty much all of them, they're just nothing mind-blowing. There were a few that I thought were great, and I did get goosebumps at the final line of the "Washington Heights" song at the start so that says a lot. I'm sure that given some more time I'll come to like them more.

Anthony Ramos was incredible, carrying the whole film for me with everything else supplementing his role. He's so charismatic and a very talented singer so for a musical - he is leading man material. The rest of the cast were solid as well and I was really invested in all of their characters. Vanessa and Nina were highlights as well but I also like the other main set so there's a lot to like. I just wish they'd given Stephanie Beatriz's character more to do because she's great in Brooklyn Nine Nine and I would have liked to see more of her.

I loved the whole community aspect and seeing them all interact and have these different friendships and relationships felt real and just full of joy. This is an escapist film that was so comforting and happy that it would be hard to dislike it.

That's why I enjoyed it so much, seeing these characters go about their lives, trying to achieve their dreams and looking out for the people they love which just felt weirdly special, even if it might seem mundane. The film focuses on Usnavi first and foremost, but also contains a few more subplots about other characters and I thought that worked very well to get us into Washington Heights as a place even better. They didn't distract from the main story but instead added to it, and there wasn't a weak link either so I enjoyed them all.

If you want some fun, happy, summer entertainment for a couple of hours, filled with fantastic characters and good songs - In the Heights is a good choice and I'd recommend going to support this film while you can.

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