Boiling Point

Boiling Point ★★★★

If Boiling Point didn't slightly over-egg its own pudding (too much goes down), then it might have gotten close to genuinely tricking me into thinking I was watching real events take place, so strong are the performances and the staging.

The movement of the camera as it floats around the restaurant is spellbinding. We flit from conversations and situations, experiencing every function of a hectic workplace in the most brilliantly crafted way.

Stephen Graham is an actor of powerful intensity and he needs every drop of it for this role. The idea is incredibly simple but the technical execution looks anything but.

After 45-mins I thought I was watching a film equipped to burst the /5 rating system, but the second half does feel overpopulated with occurrences which loses it a bit of that hard-earned authenticity. I pick it up for this reason due to the nagging feeling that it was so damn close to perfection.

Can we please put 'social influencers' in the bin.

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