Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

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This review may contain spoilers.

aka the rocket raccoon origin story

i came in with low expectations but…
- for a marvel film, the suspense with every action sequence was deep; and so much more emotional with the plot.
- baby rocket and cosmo the spacedog are too pure for this world.
- the acoustic version of creep is playing, not the usual theme for a gotg movie but okay.
- the high evolutionary may be even more ruthless than thanos or kang in terms of overall mcu villains and nico santos is the perfect bumbling idiotic minion. subtle theme of animal cruelty awareness.
- gamora is back!!…but she hates starlord and that grunt she and nebula gave each other was cool i guess
- i lost it when starlord calls himself patrick swayze when he was flirting with that alien. that charm won’t work on me.
- i came under the impression that adam warlock had more powers than thor or captain marvel, and it’s kind of hilarious to see how much of a wuss he becomes as the movie progresses.
- when batch 90’s experiment was successful, it finally gave away what i was expecting for counter-earth.
- the first mcu movie with the f-bomb seems groundbreaking but i do have issues with it, not in a “holier art thou” sense but more out of annoyance for marvel to prove a point that they’re edgy and simply not a disney corporate…
- when groot pulled out his guns, that was pretty badass!!
- oh god there’s kids? i wonder which vulnerable group the high evolutionary is going to target next.
- my eyes started bawling during rocket’s near death experience when he was reuniting with his old friends, and that moment with lylla was really bittersweet.
- woo hoo! rocket is back! and they have the final fight sequence with the beastie boys.
- so glad I didn’t lose it when starlord survived. but i bawled my eyes again when he reunited with his grandfather on earth.
- florence + the machine? okok.
- korn and britney spears? that’s like me combining the beatles, the beach boys, the rolling stones and led zeppelin with bts, taylor swift, blackpink, and harry styles.

i think this team has been so underrated and deserves more appreciation in the entire marvel community. overall, i can’t picture a better and emotional ending to the guardians. you win again marvel!

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