Annihilation ★★

Hey im strong (but damaged) and know science

First of all, this looks like shit. Okay, a lot of the interior shots are as pretty as Ex Machina, but the design of The Shimmer is a total flop. It’s as if i forgot my 3D glasses. Also, that fucking scene that spends like 5 minutes on those reindeer is so fucking stupid. Like woah bro!! Animals with colors on them!! Worldbuilding! SCIENCE! Do you people all just spend your time watching the movie thinking so much about the irrelevant meaning behind the film’s concept that you just straight up don’t hear the dialogue? Does it get more gratingly generic than this? How is any of it unique? Jennifer Jason Leigh is the only actress able to salvage anything out of the script. It’s Arrival lite in terms of how it’s trying to make some humanist sci fi epic, and I don’t even think Arrival is that *great*. The story is told with no seeming immediacy, and much of the flashbacks of Portman fucking that guy just seem so out of place, unearned, no one gives enough of a fuck about her marriage to care. Portman’s weaknesses are on display here, Garland clearly isn’t the kind of guy who can elevate her. Some of the imagery in the last half hour (45 minutes? Idk, im referring to the lighthouse sequence) is pretty distinct and cool, but it all feels so empty still, and it goes on for SO long that the main thing keeping you engaged (the score) also gets repetitive.

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