Halloween ★★★★★

I love every minute of John Carpenter's Halloween. Most of it is because I think it's a great horror film in general, built on such tension and dread that I think still has an impressive effect (although maybe not anymore for first-time viewers of this that have seen it all before in the countless horror movies that followed and used the same ideas and techniques). But I have to admit that a whole lot of my love for it also comes from a nostalgic place, back when I was younger (much too young to have been seeing this), viewing it for the first time. It was one of (if not the) very first horror movies I had ever seen and it had terrified me to the point of occasional nightmares and thoughts of what was lingering in my closet while I was trying to sleep at night, as well as trying not to imagine the incredibly eerie theme song playing at the same time. Nothing else I had seen after had that same kind of effect - other than a poster of Reagan's demon-face from The Exorcist that my uncle owned - but I'm pretty sure Halloween is what got me into horror movies in the first place. The thought of an individual who could be stabbed and shot over and over, but would still get back up and continue trying to murder someone was horrifying to me at that age - I truly believed Jamie Lee Curtis was in danger while watching it. "What can stop Michael Myers?" was the question I always asked my grand-pop when it would come on TV and I would beg him to watch it again. My Pops would always assure me that it was all fake and there were no immortal psychopaths waiting to murder me at night, and, being the awesome guy he is, would always sit in the living room and watch it with me, despite whatever else might have been on he wanted to watch that night.

After watching it again tonight for the first time in a couple years, I was pleased to find that I still enjoy it just as much today as I did when I was younger. It fortunately doesn't feel one bit outdated to me, and even though it obviously doesn't devastate me like it did back then, I still find it to be substantially intense and completely entertaining, along with some still very effective "Holy shit" moments throughout. All those times of watching it when I was younger (just to regret it later that night while lying in bed) were worth it, and even more so when I began to appreciate it as a film itself as I got older. Halloween is one of those movies that I'll certainly always treasure, not only because it's a classic and one of my favorite horror films, but because it means something to me on a personal level as well. I love those kinds of movies.

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