From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★

Watched/Listening to commentary track with Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino 

I’ve seen the movie countless times over the years specially being played on cable tv frequently, never knew that both of them made a commentary track on the behind the scenes making processing of this movie (watched the 2-disc collectors series Dvd has it plus numerous features to dive into) 

The both mention about the Superman vision in the beginning in the trunk of the car was Quentins acting teacher, they mention that they had to fire a visual effect supervisor because he couldn’t come up with the Superman Vision for the lady in the trunk ( which is easier than it looks has been done since the 1920s & 1930s.They didn’t have trouble with the MPAA Ratings board because they knew the tone of the film going in (a drive in tone, fun vampire type movie) 

Quentin mentions that he directed a episode of “ER” with George Clooney and from there he asked if he had him in mind in a movie which is this one (he wasn’t getting offered movie roles if were mediocre forgettable movies) once he was casted and movie was done he was getting movie roles which then his career skyrocketed from this movie onforward with Batman movie, out of sight, thin red line, coen brothers movie and his famous role in oceans trilogy 

The scene when Tarantino’s character puts on the clear bottom teeth covering that was actually himself that recently using because he was grinding his teeth at night which added that to make the character a realistic human moment and Quentin finds out that everyone grinds their teeth from Harvey to Juliette to robert but not George.
Quentin mentions his screenplay thought process that he doesn’t take page count as a consideration, because he writes so much dialogue, but he knows organically where everyone should be in the story in a certain time.

Robert mentions that Harvey’s character during border scene he wasn’t there and same with cheech shot in different times and the inside of the RV was shot in a different location on a stage (were in multiple locations that seem like one location in the border) that’s the power of movie editing that turns all of that work seem like one location organically shot 

Salma Hayek character name “Satánico pandemonium” came from a Mexican horror movie of the 70s, Quentin mentions that he used work at a video store called “video archives” that’s where he first noticed the poster of that Movie, robert mentions that salma Hayek is smaller than she looks on screen (she shots her down on the ground looking up to make her look really big), hilarious that Quentins character is sucking on salmas toes and that is questionable because what that done for Quentin the writer for Quentin the actor lol, he has a fetish for toes) 

Quentin figured that he would have a Mount Everest problem with the blood all over from the script and asked what could it make it easier for them regarding MPAA ratings board not cutting away their scenes , they decided to make the vampire blood green because it’s not that mpaa dosent like blood it’s that they don’t like the color red 

The movie was shot out of sequence ( no one would know if we were involved or listen this commentary track), they had only 9 vampire monsters in suits that made look like they were 100 of them( were shot different), some were painted faces wearing boxer shorts having it out focus to make it look like a forest of them. 

Quentin Mentions a 1958 crime novel from Jim Thompson about the ending about George Clooney character going to “el Rey” is from that book the last chapter which he wanted in the remake 1994 getaway remake which they didn’t, he wanted that in this movie.

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