Logan ★★★★★

here are my first thoughts on the best wolverine film, and one of the best x-men films, we've ever got:

-charles broke my heart once again
-wolvie drives like a pro
-loved the fury road vibe throughout the whole movie
-i sure as hell was not expecting daya's mom from oitnb to show up!
-laura is precious and must be protected at all costs (i haven't liked a child actor this much in a long time)
-blood. a lot of it, but always with a purpose; logan finally gets to swear as much as he wants to which is so fitting for the character (thanks deadpool!)
-those young mutants though, the stranger things kids are SHOOK!
-the ending is the single most beautiful fucking thing i've ever seen in my life

i'll review this better when i rewatch it and process all of it, but trust me when i say this is a masterpiece.

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