Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

At some point, we all have to accept that the idea of building-sized, royal gorilla on a lost island is a goofy concept. Kong: Skull Island probably to its credit, fully leans into that goofiness and delivers a film that is fun, silly but ultimately disposable.

I love the action sequences, they're gory and bloody good fun. The visuals are also quite impressive, and the tan/orange colour pallet seems perfect to present the Vietnam-era visuals in graphic novel fashion.

My only major concern with Kong is the size of the cast. There is death in this film, don't you worry about that! But the cast was so large, this negatively impacted character arcs and development. Characters died, often in hilarious fashion, which made me completely question their inclusion in the film in the first place! Why not just have a grunt get stomped on, it would be equally satisfying.

Just as a final point, without John C. Reilly, this film wouldn't have scored as high - he adds personality, humour and a presence that was lacking in the other characters. Overall, it was fun, but it was nothing more than that...

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