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This review may contain spoilers.

Surprisingly holds up pretty well enough on rewatch. I gained the exact same feelings as from my first watch + some scenes (soup, game with kids, church and the whole abandoned house/Crucifix sequence) became more effective and I grasped some new details. But overall this’s a strong 8,5/10 from both watches. Easily better than «Jackie» in every way imaginable: better music score, better lead performance, better craft in general and the story is more focused, unconventional and emotionally/thematically fleshed out.

"Spencer" for me is just a very solid, well-crafted and enjoyable movie. The script sure can be clunky and quite unsubtle at times, but it wasn’t that big of a deal and other filmmaking aspects managed to compensate it. I might be in minorities, but I didn’t find this movie boring at all. Dare I say that the pacing was really fast, unnoticeable and all scenes felt memorable and necessary for the story. The whole exploration of someone being stuck in mental limbo (depression) due to oppression from both personal and public sides of life was great. And I liked how Diana later finds out that her childhood memories is what gives her solace, true feeling of being human and that’s why she decides to become a fully committed mother to William and Harry to keep those joyful childhood memories alive.

Besides that, Kristen Stewart gave hands down one of the best performances of this year. A performance full of genuine, subtle, poignant emotions that were evoked through her jaw-dropping physicality. She might not be a 100% visual copy of Diana, but I think she absolutely nailed her consciousness, mannerisms and feelings, which is more important. If she won’t win this Oscar it will be a disaster. The whole supporting cast was amazing as well. Greenwood‘s highly creative classical-jazz music score is simply sublime in every way imaginable, wether it’s having memorable melodies or nailing picture‘s tone. The production design is top notch. The costumes are immaculate to say the least, the makeup is very subtle and well-done. And Claire Mathon’s cinematography is the definition of "this pic goes so hard, feel free to screenshot". All these 16mm shots with some solid hand-camera switches were absolutely breathtaking and her work here completely solidified her as one of the greatest contemporary DoPs.

So yeah, good picture and one of the finest movies of 2021.

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