Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★

It's immediately clear by the stark contrast between the exciting opening of Raiders of the Lost ark and the chaotic and volatile opening of Temple of Doom, that this will not be a Raiders 2. These first 20 minutes where absolutly ridiculous,

Honestly i found most of the film borderline intolarable to watch, i only stayed for Indy and the scenery. The supporting cast Willie and Shorty where so annoying i had to resist the urge to mute at various points during it's runtime. I really miss Marion and Sallah.

Temple of Doom is also incredibly unfunny and badly written. I almost can't believe the same people that made Raidere also made this. Nothing that made the first film great has remained. No great characters (even indy is a lesser version of himself) a much less interesting story without real stakes. The antagonists are simply boring. Amd the writing is god awful. That dining scene at Pankot Palace might have been the stupidest thing in the entire film. Although there is plenty of competition.

Spielberg and Lucas must have really wanted to seize on the succes of the first film, hoping to make as much money as they could while also putting in as little effort as possible. The only good things of Temple of Doom where the costumes and sets design.

Glad it's over now though, i could not wait for it to finish. I'ts highly doubtful that i'll ever rewatch this again. I was actually going to watch the entire original trilogy this day, but this totally took al the steam out of that idea, i really don't want to watch another Indiana Jones movie right now. Even though i know the third part is much better.

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