Logan ★★★★★

97% - (Fantastic)

"Logan, you still have time."

Logan is absolutely brilliant! It's filled with heart and masterful film making and is acted to the brim by Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and that bad ass girl who play Laura (X-23). She is literally my favourite movie child ever! She's an adorable bad ass! The violence is so goood, and I mean it! The violence is brutal and makes Deadpool look like child's play. I was getting all the feels in these sequences, from excitement, to thrilled, to the part where you start spurting out statements, like Holy crap!!, Man!, You go beat their ass! 
It's hard to pick which action sequence is really the best, because they're all so bloody good!! 
The story is great with engagement to the end that really nailed its message about family and hit me where I live. And the the addition of the X-Men comics was great. 
And the final frame! The best frame in cinema history! A great way for Hugh Jackman AND Patrick Stewart to go out.

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