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  • Dune



    To: Denis Villeneuve
    Cc: Hans Zimmer, Christopher Nolan, Any Aspiring "Blockbuster Auteurs"

    Hi Denis,

    I just saw your film on IMAX - had a great time, looks amazing. I understand that the moviegoing experience is a sensory one, of sight and sound, sometimes overwhelmingly. Sound, however does not need to overwhelm me for every second of this experience. There is quiet in space, and quiet times throughout any day. I know you are aware of this, because you have scenes…

  • Mekakure




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  • Dieorama



    My favourite part of this was whatever lens they used to make the shots of the real world look like dioramas.

  • Shakedown



    Not a review, just a technical observation: the version streaming on Pornhub right now is 65 mins. Apparently this was whittled down from 400 hours of footage. iMDB clocks the runtime at 72 minutes. A festival from last September says 69 mins. Most of the rest of the internet says 82. At about the 35 minute mark there is an intertitle that says: Scene 10 “Issues in the Hood” removed. I'm not sure how many different versions there have been, but I wonder if that is one of the reasons for the difference.

    Edit: can confirm that the version on the Criterion Channel is 70 minutes.