Blood Screams

Blood Screams ½

Another obscurity found on YouTube. This is a Mexican production that was distributed in the U.S. by Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures and got a home video release by Warner Bros. Also known under the title The Bloody Monks, the American cut is 6 minutes shorter than the original cut, but it won't really make a difference which version you see because this thing is a complete mess from a story standpoint.

The story gives us a prologue, telling a story about a gold mine owner who goes mad when he finds out that his gold is being re-distributed amongst the people of a Mexican village. Seeing that the local monastery is behind it, the man chucks all the monks out of a tower window, letting them fall to their deaths. In order to evade justice, he kills himself and has his body sealed inside a room in the tower, the whereabouts of the missing gold left unknown. Fast forward a century, Karen finds herself on a train with dime-store magician Russ Tamblyn, gets tired of his harassment, and jumps off with a young man named Jaime, who is returning to the aforementioned village, seeking his memories of his father.

Then the story turns into a lifeless melodrama about Karen and her abusive past, as she has nightmares that may or may not have been brought about by the local witch. The locals are scared that they've been seeing the ghosts of the dead monks hanging around, while Russ Tamblyn jumps off the train in search of Karen. The scenes with Tamblyn trying to barter for a horse from some locals are failed attempts at humor, which is in stark contrast with the moody scenes involving Karen and her nightmares. Meanwhile, the story forgets all about Jaime and his search for answers to his father's demise. The story switches tones, picks up plot threads that come out of nowhere, drops others altogether, and meanwhile there is no horror to be found anywhere. There are no dead monk sightings until the very end, which is very Scooby Doo-ish. And then Russ Tamblyn shows up with a machete at the climax after spending the movie doing cut-rate magic tricks. I know I have typed these words in an attempt to describe this film's story, but the plot is such a mess that I could have described a completely different movie to you. All I know is there is a village, there's a woman with a past, a young man seeking answers, hidden gold, a witch conjuring curses, and whole lot of WTF is even going on here.

Utter garbage. There's a little bit of atmosphere, but there's no cohesion whatsoever and the whole thing is practically almost pointless. After watching this, getting pushed out a window to my death seems rather delightful.

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