Silence Has No Wings

Silence Has No Wings ★★½

Unfortunately, I have to say that this was kind of disappointing by the end. 

I say this because there were parts of this I really loved and as a first movie by Kuroki Kazuo, it was very interesting and experimental. It was pretty well shot and has some unique editing choices. However there was one scene that I felt wasn’t effective at what it was trying to achieve. 

A lot of this movie does feel like a documentary type film and I think it was clearly going for that, but despite really enjoying the style of the film, it becomes one of those movies that gets really stale the more it goes on. 

In concept a lot of stuff that’s in this movie sounds pretty great but unfortunately I think it was just way too long to fully have an effect on me. If this movie was as long as a Maya Deren film then it might be pretty amazing but as it stands everything just felt like it’s magic was just fading away. 

Again, there’s a lot about this movie I really love but not enough to make me like it overall.