The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer ★★★★

It’s true that Lanthimos might have created his own genre of film and The Killing of a Sacred Deer is no exception. He has an unique and perhaps extreme vision and you either love it or absolutely hate it, I don’t think there’s much middle ground there.

The opening sequence is that of a live open-heart surgery and while it is quite uneasy to watch it perfectly settles the mood of what’s still to come. This is a story about responsibility and complicity of our every day’s life, but the undercurrent of this film is far darker and more twisted (although also absurdly humorous at times) than we can imagine. Mixed with mythical Greek tragedy played out with realism, The Killing of a Sacred Deer is absolutely disturbing to watch.

The deadpan performances and lingering camerawork make for an almost bizarre storytelling. There’s a lot of build up and while not every beat delivers as greatly or horrifying, it’s still frightening to see unfold. Any search for answers or hidden meanings will be halted almost immediately, as you quickly begin to realize there are none to be found. At the end you’re left searching for humanity, for any bit of empathy or truth that’s still left instead. But much like The Lobster, you are left looking at a reflection of one's self.

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