Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★★★

Honestly probably a 3.5 stars and trying to cover for Channing Tatum. It has all the hallmarks of an incapable tentpole acting performance; a most rate vintage from the Costner vineyard.

Other performances range from good to great; Kunis' stock was very high coming off of Black Swan and her performance here pays off well. Contrary to popular opinion, this is the best thing that he's ever done.

The Wachowskis unsuccessfully present another good-hearted and outrageously stylized sci-fi franchise starter. Unfortunately for them and us, it's another bomb. It's a shame: on top of it's good cast and the Wachowski's trademark earnestness, Jupiter presents some amazing ideas and is a feast of great world building. The creatures, FX, and production design are nothing short of astounding.