Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★★★★★

Another reviewer on this site made a comparison between James Wan and Mike Flanagan and it brought out some serious bozos. These specific quotes were especially appalling:

"Mike Flanagan is the most overrated director I’ve probably ever seen in the genre."

"Mike Flanagan made one good movie, Hush. He's a hack otherwise."

You're probably thinking why I'm giving these tools a voice. That's not my intention, although I'm not sure why I decided to start with this.

Maybe reverse psychology? Because this has all the elements of a chef d'oeuvre. The acting and directing is stellar -- he has to introduce and manage an ensemble of ~10 characters, giving us just a smidgen of depth to have us care enough to want to know what's next. The isolated island setting and cinematography -- mesmerizing and beautiful. The fantastic score (that background hym!) and soundtrack (an opening scene to Neil Diamonds "Soolaimon" . The masterful handling of trauma and religion, and the many subtle references to the works of Flanagan's go-to author, Stephen King (there were a TON of easter eggs).

This really hit home for me. I my get into my personal connection if I review this again. Just know it involved Catholicism, agnosticism, a prodigal son, near misses and lack of consequences, teen partying, and me at 19 fighting with my very religious dad about not wanting to go to church anymore.

I'm pretty sure I know where this is going after the first episode (although I could be wrong -- I'd love to be surprised), but while predictability is normally annoying to me, this wasn't.

I've only seen the first of seven episodes, but this could be his best work yet.

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