Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★½

If there was ever a movie to compel one to go back to the theaters, this was the one. Godzilla vs. Kong was pure spectacle and popcorn fun, exactly what the doctor ordered.

The first epic battle in the ocean was a blast. Thankfully the trailer didn't ruin it as there is so much more to that fight. The special effects are excellent and it's in the brilliant sunlight.

This is the first of the Monsterverse movies where the characters didn't annoy the living shit out of me (a few minor annoyances but not worth mentioning). Alexander Skarsgård was a decent male lead playing a geeky nerd. The little deaf girl was adorable (apparently Skarsgård learned sign language so he could converse with her between scenes). There was literally no stupid family drama that we don't care about anyway.

Unfortunately there is way too much story crammed into this movie, even with it clocking in just under two hours. It's almost like we could've used another Kong movie to flesh out the whole hollow earth sub-plot (no need for a Journey to the Center of the Earth movie now). And stupid "plot conveniences" thrown in (e.g. to get x from a to b) are totally ridiculous.

But who cares! Nobody who watches this came for a brilliant story or realism -- we came to watch these two beat the living crap out of each other. And boy do we have that in spades!

RIP Hong Kong.

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