Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

I am soooooo glad I wasn't born in the 1600's.

Being a lapsed Catholic that loves horror, especially most Satanic sub-genres, I would definitely be burned at the stake.

This was the most mature of the bunch, likely because they filmed these back-to-back.

A much slower pace for the finale -- a full 30 minutes until we get some wicked gore scenes. Most of the actors of the previous entries return but they're all sporting some sort of accent -- a 1666 pre-colonial America accent? I can't praise or fault the accents as I have no point of reference.
There were no major pin drops at least in the first part so the score was front-and-center which wasn't that bad. And that "Come Out and Play" by Offspring pin drop was AWESOME!

I was thinking this going to be more influenced by The Witch, but I got more of a The Village (2004) or Apostle (2018) vibe.

I liked that they subverted expectations (a bit) on the origin story, but man did they cut that part too short. They could've cut half the second half and it would've been so much better. And we return to my LEAST favorite part of the trilogy.

Overall it was decent entertainment for five hours, although I'd like one of those hours back please.

P.S. I would like to boast a bit because I figured out who was the real antagonist throughout the series in the middle of 1978. And ...


I revealed it by accident in my opening quote to my Fear Street 1994 review.

But that was just a wild guess. It's not like I'm prescient. Wait. No! I'm not a witch. Seriously, wtf? ...



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