Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel ★★★½

MCU Smackdown

MCU #21: The importance of an interesting story.

I enjoyed Captain Marvel when I first watched it on release but this time I struggled with it more, and I think it's because the story doesn't grab you from the get go. Where most of the origin stories to-date in the MCU are straight forward, this one starts somewhere in space where Carol is a Kree with limited powers and they are fighting the shape-shifting Skrull. Just re-reading that sentence bores me.

Eventually Danvers gets to earth in the 1990's and teams up with Samuel Jackson as a de-aged Nick Fury (one of the better de-aging efforts I've seen to date). There are some fun scenes while they go sleuthing but at this point ...... the story .... starts getting .....even more .... boring.

The twist where the Krull are actually persecuted refugees by the Kree makes things a bit more interesting, but I especially like it when the soundtrack rocks out: the scene with Annette Benning to Nirvana's "Come As You Are."

But the best part (beside the cat Flerken) is when she gets her full powers and just completely kicks ass, first accompanied by No Doubt's "Just a Girl. "

Then there's the scene where she stares down and emasculated Ronan (suspiciously not endlessly pontificating like he did in Guardins of the Galaxy).

But it is overall enjoyable as most of the MCU movies are.

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