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  • Kalifornia



    David Duchovny having a bromance with Brad Pitt was fun to watch. i enjoyed some scenes and was entertained for most of the film. The ending seemed like filler mostly, which Could have been cut down into a more action-packed closer.

  • Amadeus



    I also like my Mozart as a Tortured Artist with Degenerate Tendencies

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  • Persona



    Wow! this was a movie experience like no other. the introductory scenes were so unsettling but in a captivating way, which kept my attention for the rest of the film. I definitely need to re-watch this emotional rollercoaster of a movie, It was so damn good. this is my first Ingmar Bergman movie and It did not disappoint.

  • Army of Darkness

    Army of Darkness


    What i loved about this third movie was its pure hilarity within the evil dead universe. Most horror sequels try to top the previous ones in terms of fear and suspense, but the evil dead trilogy only gets wilder and hysterical. The stop motion animation gave these movies some charm which i really enjoyed. Bruce Campbell played one of the most badass antiheroes in one of the best horror trilogies of all time. out of all three, this ones definitely the Grooviest.