Logan ★★★★★

little girl wolverine decapitates people
little girl wolverine takes care of big wolverine

little girl wolverine went through some things
so did big wolverine

he's dying.. he wants to die
but little girl wolverine cant let him

they sure went for that R rating. she slashes just as many peoples faces open as he does, and seeing that blood splashin after 17yrs of holding back was pure ecstasy. she completely steals the show here. and it's a fuckin delight, my word.

but it's just the cherry on top, because they poured some extra heart in alongside that new gore too. and it cuts as deep as the blades did!

you have nightmares?

people hurt me

mine are different

por que?

i hurt people

there's few things i've seen that were as awe-inspiring as little girl wolverine jumping into action to save big wolverine and tearing, no rly, TEARING shit the fuck up. she went to fucking town and they didnt hold back at all. heads will fly. blood splash. it's fucking amazing.

dont be what they made you

and sidenote: i really love watching films, especially big ones like this, on opening night, in big screens, with only a few people in the audience. one of my favorite local theatres does undubbed latenight one off screenings for every major release so its usually under 30 people in this huge room and idk, for me, a go to the theatre by myself guy person, it's always a special experience to share with strangers. like seeing the person next to me reach to discretely wipe their tear and thinking to myself how i did it more discretely. 

people always bash franchises and sequels and such but my word i live for this shit. you feel every ounce of the backstory pulsin through you when those critical moments hit.

and they sure fucking hit.

goodbye, james.

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