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  • Evil Does Not Exist

  • This Woman

  • Delivery Dancer's Sphere

  • The Forgotten Papers

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  • Evil Does Not Exist

    Evil Does Not Exist

    I brought water to the grave just to keep on crying I was walking truh the cemetery please don't mind me there's a pistol in my pants it ain't none to try it I hate life inside my head I'm over analyzing 

    Please don't mind me please don't mind mind mind mind mind mind please don't mind me please don't mind me please don't find me I won't get high wanna ease my mind I'm a menace to reality don't…

  • This Woman

    This Woman

    I can genuinely see this being a new entry point for ppl getting into chinese documentary filmmaking -> filmmaking in general. The fiction aspect of the docu-fiction experiment may be maybe more just beibei's projection (as per the screenings curator, it was after the first screening in china with some of her family present that she started insisting its largely fictionalized), because scenes like her big one-on-one talk with her mom is stuff beyond what you'd stage, but it still hints back at chinese independent roots in their rawest nature, reality approached as a movie.

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  • Speak



    fuckers in school telling me, always in the barber shop, kristen stewart cant act this, kristen stewart cant act that. my girl a BD in woodland hills. he, he they say she dont be putting in work shut the fuck UP. yall dont know shit. all you motherfuckers talking about kristen aint no hitta kristen aint this kristen a fake SHUT THE FUCK UP. 

    this girl been in the business since fuckin, IDK when. if i catch another motherfucker talking sweet bout kristen im fucking beating they ass

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    rooney mara my religion