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  • With All Our Hearts


  • Ulaanbaatarization

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

  • The end of the world

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  • With All Our Hearts

    With All Our Hearts



    no the tiles not wet cause i spent the day ferociously cleaning the grout the previous renter left dirtied in effort to turn this still cold sad empty apartment more homely, i went over it with water hours ago, its a puddle of my fucking tears


  • Ulaanbaatarization


    they want me to rage again!!!
    want me in these chains again!!!
    tell me what you want
    i'm promise i'm not here to flauntt
    you just wanna useeeeeeee me!
    wanted you to chooseeeeee me!!!
    tell me what you want i

    i just wanted to be your one and only
    now i'm feeling super fucking lonely
    tired of that shit
    shit with all your homies
    i just wanted you to get to know me
    now the only feeling is rageeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • Speak



    fuckers in school telling me, always in the barber shop, kristen stewart cant act this, kristen stewart cant act that. my girl a BD in woodland hills. he, he they say she dont be putting in work shut the fuck UP. yall dont know shit. all you motherfuckers talking about kristen aint no hitta kristen aint this kristen a fake SHUT THE FUCK UP. 

    this girl been in the business since fuckin, IDK when. if i catch another motherfucker talking sweet bout kristen im fucking beating they ass

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo