Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

I decided since I can’t do the thing I normally do which is watch something in theaters for my birthday, I decided to do myself a favor and watch this masterpiece of an anime film. I didn’t make a bad choice at all because not only did this bring me so much joy, it also kinda help with my depression a bit!!!

I mean what to say about this film that I haven’t already said? I think in this viewing I really love the layout of the city and how well realized it was. There is so much detail going on and it is incredible how well realized this city is. There were some details I caught on in this viewing that made me appreciate the animation of this film even more. 

What makes this film really special to me is it charm that it wears on it sleeves. The way the characters interact with each other is so pure that it would be impossible to not watch this film without a smile across your face. This is also a film with a message that I think everybody really should take notes on which is about the kindness that is shown to others!!!! There is a reason why I took so much away from this film as a kid because I wanted to be kind like Kiki. 

So this is worth pointing out too which the pacing for the film is perfect. It doesn’t drag itself out with useless subplots or anything like that but instead every beat of the story is essential to character development and growth. You get to see Kiki grow from a witch that is clueless as to what she wants to do in her life to somebody that is a caring delivery witch. 

I think the framing of each shot is perfect and I really enjoy the use of landscaping shots. Because the film is full on beautiful from scene one to the very last scene. The way edits happen is great. Also gotta give props to the Magical score that is behind this film too!!! 

This is what I call a perfect film and I couldn’t be happier I live in a world where this film happens to exist. Miyazaki is a god of directing films and thank you so much for this!!!

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