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  • Polyester



    John Waters had the strangest directing career didn't he? Directing utter filth like can be Multiple Maniacs and Pink Flamingos to more studio produced, somewhat trashy films such as Hairspray and Cry Baby, and Polyester seems to acknowledge Waters' transition into studio films and his unapologetically trash films that feels self-depricatinh, but lovely, showing the contrast between the sleazy porno theater and the high-brow art house drive in. It's truly brilliant and weirdly high brow, and the film is supported by acting that could only work in a John Waters film, particularly the wonderful Divine as the exaggerated, but truly perfect Francine Fishpaw.

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Was this bad? Yes, absolutely, it takes away what was set up, though horrible, it was something in Halloween (2007), it's pretentious, and unintentionally hilarious. Is it entertaining? Also yes, despite it being pretentious, I cared more about what was happening in the story, the acting for the most part was serviceable, and I respected what the film was going for even if it was obvious and stupid. Zombie tried to make a different film, and though it isn't good, he made a memorable one.

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  • Paris Is Burning

    Paris Is Burning


    After this movie ended, I looked up some of the main players of beautiful voguers, drag queens and transgender peoples, and I was extremely disappointed to see that many of them had died due to the AIDS crisis two or three years later, and or died much later of either this disease or any other. Learning this added to the experience of watching the extremely charming and engaging documentary Paris is Burning. The director, Jennie Livingston portrayed her subjects in…

  • Oldboy



    Watched with my mom.