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  • Paris Is Burning

    Paris Is Burning

    I love how documentaries can show little moments of joy in peoples eyes, where the mask slips a little bit and you just see something of who they are, it's such a beautiful medium. The photography here is wonderful, the textures and colors of the garments and the city were so wonderfully portrayed. It certainly has a somewhat voyeuristic explainer-y vibe to it at times (not necessarily a bad thing, just the way it is). The weight of all the…

  • The Queen

    The Queen

    Beautiful documentary—wonderful pacing and storytelling through the camera and editing, and some of the footage is really spectacular. The importance of this film is fairly known and talked about, I guess, but I'll repeat: this is an incredible document of pre-stonewall, pre-AIDs queer culture, a culture which is so poorly documented or understood by "mainstream" culture (whatever that is). It's fascinating to see the way people react to the camera when they first enter the room—some with instinctual fear, others…

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  • The Donut King

    The Donut King

    Really lovely film, one of my favorite articles is about Ted Ngoy and it's been permanently on my bookmarks bar since 2014 I reread it every couple years. In once sense it's an american dream story, the rise and fall of a capitalist, but there's also a story there about defeating corporations (dunkin donuts, get out of california and rot in hell plz, ty) and there's something that feels anti-capitalist about helping fellow cambodians take over all the donut shops…

  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot

    Finally saw this classic, very fun very funny aged really well—an iconic ending that I've seen before out of context but is brilliant. Tony Curtis, between this and Sweet Smell of Success, really has the range. I don't think I've ever seen Marilyn Monroe in a movie before (?) didn't really know what her voice sounded like. Might be my first Jack Lemmon movie too, I'm not sure, but he was really stand out too. Playing with gender and identity…