Halloween ★★★★★

HoopTober Part VI: #57
- Bonus Film #26

What better way to end HoopTober with than with John Carpenter‘s original classic HALLOWEEN presented by Joe Bob Briggs? I honestly wouldn‘t know. This was glorious. He even mentioned the one or the other tidbit I didn‘t know yet, even though I thought I knew everything about the making of HALLOWEEN.

It‘s such a tight masterpiece, and it‘s definitely somewhere among my top 5 favorite horror films of all time. And I always liked that Michael Myers simply saw something in Laurie that made him pursue her, instead of the stupid twist with her being his sister that came up in the sequels. It just makes him all the more unpredictable. But what‘s with his aim? He‘s a pretty efficient killing machine for the most part, but with Laurie he get‘s really sloppy. And that expression Dr. Looms makes after he shoots Michael, and realizes he’s gone, is pure gold.

Great stuff!!!!

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