Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie ★★½

this film was strangely... self indulgent? sam levinson brings race politics into a narrative that is very obviously about him and his life and his experiences and it's strange... the whole thing is just slightly off and the emphasis on race is strange for a screenplay written entirely by... sam levinson, it was a lot like a woody allen film but... with race politics for some reason

also race politics aside i just hate self indulgent films like this like god this was like a therapy exercise for him and it shows

another issue i have with this film is the complete lack of nuance. it feels like the movie picked a side at the beginning and didn't think it was worthwhile to flesh out both characters or give you a reason to root for both of them

also, i never know how to feel about parts of a film that will obviously make it feel dated in like twenty years especially when it's not necessary, like there was no need for people to watch this film and think yeah this is definitely from 2020! mentions of heart emojis? of DMs? idk maybe that's just a personal thing

however! both jdw and zendaya were fucking incredible, especially zendaya, she should get every acting nomination physically possible for this film

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