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This review may contain spoilers.

young adult films are usually coming of age films. they're about what you must go through BEFORE you become an adult - before you become who you will be for the rest of your life.

but dead poets society is not like that. not just because of neil's death, but because of the whole message of the film.

dead poets society highlights the power of the uncorrupted minds of the youth. of the extreme ecstasy we feel and also the extreme sadness that can overcome us.

it shows how the very system that is designed to "teach" us, only makes yet another cog in the machine and that one toe out of line results in a crackdown.

neil's death shows that it is not a coming of age film. young adult stories are seen as less important or less impactful - but the finality of neil's death shows that feelings of teenagers aren't any less important.

the surprise of neil's death shows how deeply young people feel. for the first one and half hours of the film, the characters are so deeply happy that they make YOU feel happy. and neil feels so deeply sad that he is pushed to an act like suicide to make you feel so deeply sad for him too.

dead poets society is not a coming of age film. it is a film of the ages

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