Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke ★★½

Undeniably influential with essentially starting the stoner film niche, Up in Smoke like all influential films is difficult to judge when you've gotten used to its descendants.

Much of the appeal lies in the misadventures of the two bumbling leads, played by Cheech and Chong who had previously gained a name for their specific brand of comedy. Now applied in film form it's somewhat clear it's a first-effort as dialogue and scenes tend to just happen rather than contiguously flow together.

However, it's hard to deny that may be the point, as by now we know stoner movies aren't 'supposed' to make sense (at least, not in the traditional way). In that respect an interesting point is then made: is it fair to judge a film if its intended to be viewed a certain way? Of course, I ask that question as broadly as possible to consider other factors – 3D, theater experience, uninterrupted, etc. – and juxtapose with them the unique potency that being stoned brings with it.

To answer the question: probably in some ways and probably not in others! It doesn't really matter I guess, we're back to square one where subjectivity and personal experience reign. But it's an interesting thought anyways, and one worth considering.

Anyhow, this is literally the definitive stoner flick so I at least have to put some respect on its name. Give it a shot!

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