The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

'The northman' tells the story of Viking Alexander Skarsgards search for vengeance after his King Father is callously murdered by his evil uncle Feng. Along his quest for revenge, Mr Skarsgard comes across, as always in these genres of movies, a range of challenges which he manages to overcome, but I can absolutely proclaim that i haven't experienced such thrilling twists and turns while sat in a cinema seat since Breaking dawn part 2. The atmosphere in The Barbican cinema was ELECTRIC.

Absolutely gave me the vibes of if Ari Aster directed a live action, humanised version of 'The Lion King'. It had the Evil uncle, the need for vengeance... but sadly no Timon & no Pumba x I literally enjoyed it so much that If after the end credits the film started rolling again, I would happily sit through the 2 hour + run time again without hesitation.

If anything, 'The Northman' also made me glad to be living in the year 2022 & not the 800 AD viking era x those guys were scary x I simply would not have survived a single day of living. Overall! a fantastic watch and one would I would highly recommend!

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