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Internet New Wave: Letterboxd Filmmakers (A Complete List)

If anybody is missing, please let me know (but read through this first, to know some of the "rules".)

Also, if your own numbers are all jacked up, let me know this as well. This was a lot to do at one time, but felt it'd be worth it in the end to share all in one place.

There's a specific system I used to rank these, so please understand they're not in any specific order other than by category.

It starts off with the filmmakers who have made feature-length work (of 40 or more minutes), then those who have made short films. In this section, only filmmakers who have been active since 2016 are present.

Filmmakers who haven't shared…

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  • Epilogue
  • Quietus
  • A Subconscious Stream
  • For a Minute There, I Lost Myself
  • Departure
  • Suicide Service
  • Fragments of a Memory of a Film
  • Pacific Angels
  • Living with Trevor
  • PLEH
  • Lighter Fluid
  • The Knot
  • Inspiration
  • Canine Entity
  • Fishing for Memories
  • Chasm
  • The Past / The Present / The Future
  • easy way
  • Forever Young
  • A Lone Man Wanders
  • Now We Put The Little Feelers On The Butterfly
  • Only Blood Relates Us
  • Late Talk! with Brian Palmer
  • Facade
  • The Forests of Tallas
  • Friday
  • Fragments
  • Life in Gray
  • Halcyon
  • We Shattered The Clouds
  • Rapstar
  • One Cars
  • Vestígios - Parte 1
  • Hypnagogia
  • Still Lives
  • Technicolor Dream
  • Computer Hearts
  • Casanova Trainer