Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★★★

Kenneth Anger interpolating rock music with his images is one of the most influential decisions a filmmaker has made in the development of contemporary film. Hell, even Martin Scorsese credits Anger as the sole influence for his usage of The Rolling Stones and others in his filmography. In Scorpio Rising, the music acts as dialogue; a rocking voiceover narration to the images that flash upon the screen; sometimes artifice to the point of camp, but always hypnotic. His queer overtones matched with Christian blasphemy sets a scene for the queer movement, while simultaneously making criticism against other aspects of American culture. Occult themes run rampant like much of his work, but the James Dean doppelgängers and the racing, hedonistic nature of the entire short film creates a statement while not really being political. Infinitely interesting; I watch it almost every year.

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