We're all hurtling towards death. Yet here we are, for the moment, alive.

favs: Katie Mitchell joins her Mt. Rushmore of directors

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  • Lady Bird
  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines
  • You Were Never Really Here
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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  • After Earth


  • By the Time It Gets Dark


  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


  • The Last Airbender

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  • Nomadland



    “what’s remembered lives”

    My wife Deanie (they/them) didn’t have much money growing up, and had only humble aspirations in life. They wanted to work as an assistant, because they liked helping people and figured it was a job they’d excel at (which I always agreed with). They wanted to build a garden. They wanted to raise kids with me. And, perhaps more than anything, they wanted to live in a van as a nomad.

    We talked about it a lot.…

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  • After Earth

    After Earth


    you WILL be compelled to check your phone. and should you give into that temptation….. the battle is already lost. you might not see another second of the film.

  • By the Time It Gets Dark

    By the Time It Gets Dark


    I loved this film the way I often love poetry— I couldn’t explain to you what the words mean together or why they’re assembled the way they are, but there’s something I find simply intoxicating about the rhythm, the sounds, the tone they strike, the pictures they paint….

    By the Time It Gets Dark certainly isn’t the first movie to make me feel this way, but I find it’s relevant to mention because I’m unsure what else to *say* here.…

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  • Old



    I understand the divisiveness here, as OLD has a fairly unique and appealing premise that’s executed in an outright bizarre fashion— odd cinematographic choices (especially regarding the use of off-screen space and occasional jarring handheld + zooms), off-kilter performances, and inhuman bits of dialogue (ranging from intentionally comical to believably askew given the circumstances to plain clunky) abound here.

    for my money, this all in combination with a story I find viscerally, existentially terrifying (I even had a horrible anxiety…

  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

    Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives


    this past week, I spent the first anniversary of my wedding a widow.

    I’ve lived life in a haze lately. I’m probably just depressed. I eat little, drink more coffee than water, spend most of my time alone in the dark, sleep away most hours of the day, it’d been some time since I showered or brushed my teeth…..

    I’ve been hesitant as of late to watch movies about death, for fear of getting upset... as if being upset is…