Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

A few quick thoughts on a second go-round:

-got to show off on my 4K to my friends. Our first actual hangout in months. Dude turns to me in the midst of this and says, “dude I gotta get a 4K.” You’re welcome bud. Most Triumphant. The beauty of the slickly muted color-palette, insanely textured computer-generated imagery, next-level action sequences and visceral use of superpowers prove this film to be a hitter in the format. Can’t ever go back once you’ve tried on a new pair of glasses.

-Lois at Heroe’s park in the beginning. Some of the most sensitive filmmaking Snyder’s ever done. Can’t tell if Snyder shot the Lois stuff before or after the tragic passing of his daughter, but it feels so close to home on so many levels. For Autumn.

-the flash is great. Those three moments frozen in time are just the sort of beautiful poetry only Snyder is able to conjure-up. I have tears thinking about it.

-Victor on the football field, with beautiful snowflakes falling, heavenly.

-ya know for the all the praise Whedon received for creatively depicting super-powers in his avengers movies, it’s hilarious to me how his version completely jettisoned any and all of the vividly realized depiction of power. specifically that of cyborg and flash. Never in a million years could Joss direct something with such visceral-punch. It’s like he was so embarrassed at how good it was, he just chopped it out as a ‘fuck you.’ 

-Silas Stone’s demise mirrors that of Jonathan Kent’s.

-Silas Stone’s demise also mirrors that of Miles Dyson.

-Batfleck is the definitive Batman for me. He’s grown to be a more stoic, dryly-humored leader than the aggressive reactionary in BvS, but being Batman, he is an inherently depressed individual, and whenever he mows down parademons in the Knightcrawler or batmobile, it feels as cathartic as the warehouse fight in BvS. Just a rich dude letting out his rage on some insects and unloading rounds upon rounds of ammunition and artillery. Love how he moves in the suit, he savors every movement, you can see the joy in every pose.

-Knightmare is growing on me, when I first saw it, it felt so surreal, like it didn’t really happen or something. It must’ve felt as unreal to Batfleck, so that’s undeniably effective in that regard. Leto’s actually kinda fun (I’ll watch his scene here a million times over any frame of his Suicide Squad performance), and Snyder lets him do his thing, I feel like he sympathizes with Leto and felt maybe he deserved another chance in the role, Snyder definitely relates to making huge swings that just end up getting shit on. Also starting to dig the Martian Manhunter drop too. Feels to me like Snyder was so committed to having Harry Lennix in the role that he was so sadly just dropped out of, that he wanted to give him a quick moment to show what could have been. That’s really what this newly shot footage is: what coulda been. And my initial rejection of that is starting to become a cloudy memory.

Last note: there’s a beautiful throughline here about the parents of these heroes being proud of their children and what they stand for. Funny enough in the middle of this viewing my mom plucked me away wanting to talk really quick. We talked about her returning to work. She’s a nursing administrator with a pre-existing health condition, so she had taken a knee when Covid numbers were going through the roof. My sister and I work at the same facility as our mother does, in different roles, and it’s taken a massive physical and mental toll on us this past year. My mom was in tears, telling me she was ashamed that she couldn’t do her part during this crisis, but that she was proud of us and what we’ve done on the “frontlines.” We hugged it out and when I returned to the movie the emphasis on parental-bonds throughout took on a more powerful meaning. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt something like that during a movie. Love you too, mom.

Thank you, Zack 👏🏻

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