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This review may contain spoilers.

(Theatrical Double-Feature with DGG’s Halloween)

This was the one that got me into horror. For Christ sake’s, this thing landed on VHS when I was but three years old and I have fond memories of watching it with my sister. I can see how this would burn many, it winks so hard, it looks like it’s stroking-out, but it’s just so much fun to watch Craven play with the tropes.

This viewing, it was most fun visualizing the logistics of Billy & Stu’s whole scheme. The scene by the fountain where Lillard’s being all obnoxious about the opening murders, and Skeet is subtly giving him the death-stare, “Nobody said you did.” Or how right from his first scene, when Billy mentions The Exorcist, it becomes more and more clear he’s just as much a movie guy as Randy. It’s still disturbing watching these guys stab each other in an attempt to get off scott-free, these guys seem so deranged, the blood so red. And it’s hilarious to think Stu is incredibly drunk during the climax.

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