Pig ★★★★

Nic Cage trying to make up for Willy’s Wonderland, huh? No seriously, this was great. The obvious here being Nic Cage in one of his most subdued performances in a long time. It really felt like he truly cared about this project and put his heart and soul in it. He brings out the most tragic incidents and makes you feel them deep within. Alex Wolff was also pretty good, similar to Cage, he excelled in the more quiet moments. However, the more it feels like Wolff is showing off, the more disconnected he felt with the audience. But this is true for the rest of the movies When this movie is relying on the quiet moments, it’s truly captivating and makes the louder moments stand out more. But when it’s trying to be quicker and snappier, it’s a bit of a sharp contrast and doesn’t always flow. It was hard to get into a lot of the great aspects about this movie until you are deep into the movie. For example, I felt the score was fairly decent, until it hit a certain scene and it was just the most gorgeous thing I’d ever heard. Production design was fairly great and the cinematography really made the movie feel atmospheric. I definitely recommend this movie, but understand that it’s a lot more thought provoking than the description makes it sound