Encanto ★★★½

The movie ended and I turned to my sister and said ‘That’s it?’ They both seemed pleased with the way it ended but I was expecting more.

This was cute! And I mean that in the best way possible? Disney obviously has found their niche and they’re ‘sticking with what works’ because this felt like every other Disney movie that’s come out in the past couple of years.

Now that’s not to take away from the film’s charm. It’s sweet and a nice love letter to family. The characters are very distinct and memorable! But the songs are not. The song that the film starts out with is so much fun and so catchy I just expected more of that to be throughout the film!

The animation (per usual) is gorgeous though and I found the house’s animations to be quite thoughtful and creative! Very original. And it’s backed by a lovely score. So, while it’s not Disney’s best it is most certainly not the worst! I think I’ll have to catch it again to really rate it. 😊

And just so we’re clear? Isabella & Dolores  >>> the rest of the characters! 🌺

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