The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

I mean... I can see why it's considered the greatest movie ever made... I really can.

The dialogue, the acting, the musical score, the direction. It's all flawless in a way no other film truly has been.
I have called films masterpieces before in my reviews but The Godfather is on a whole new level altogether.

The dialogue is iconic and the screenplay is possibly the best ever written. Every line of dialogue serves a purpose, be it to drive the story forward or to give us an insight into the mind of a specific character. These characters are perfectly written and the world is engaging to dive into. The film makes you care for the "bad guys" without ever resorting to cliche tactics such as cheating you into feeling sorry for them... When they feel the weight of their actions, you really feel it. When the characters act out... You see why they did it but you also have the ability to completely disagree with what that character just did.

The performances are legendary. If I was to make a list of the 10 best performances in cinematic history, this film would take up half of the slots.
Al Pacino is incredible, Marlon Brando is unforgettable but the real highlight in my opinion is Talia Shire's mesmerising performance as Connie, one of the biggest snubs in oscar history as her performance truly blew me away more than any other.

No film ever shocks me with it's content. I have sat through the goriest and most sadistic pieces of cinema and felt okay watching the material on screen...
...This film got me good in one scene which is a testament to how engrossing these characters are.
The scene in question involved Connie and her husband holding a belt (I don't need to say anymore) but what's truly impressive in how shocking and heartbreaking the scene is... Is the fact that we never actually see the abuse, we only hear it. I had my hand against my mouth in absolute silence because I was taken aback by how affected I was.

The musical composition is beautiful. That theme song is one of the greatest tunes in history and the rest of the score goes above and beyond what it needs to do.

The direction here is masterful. Francis Ford Coppola directs this film with love and care, and an insane amount of craft that I have never seen before.
The shot composition is equally impressive. The use of oranges as well as symbolism with doors is genius. The way the film is shot constantly at a ground level really pulls us into this world, into the minds of these fully realised and engaging characters.

Absolute perfection. There is nothing I can complain about here... While I could normally point out maybe one or two nitpicks for a film I consider perfect... I actually struggle here.

This is filmmaking at it's finest and deserving of the acclaim the film receives. This is one of the greatest movies of all time and definitely the best from a technical and artistic standpoint. There is no film as iconic, no film as unforgettable or as powerful or as well acted or well written as The Godfather.

I'm gonna make you an offer that you can't refuse.
That offer? To spend your afternoon watching this masterpiece either for the first time like I just did or for the 100th time like any respectible moviegoer will be approaching.


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